Steam Injection Operation – Tzafit CCPP, Israel (GT26U1, Alstom)

Friday, September 4, 2015 @ 09:09 AM
Project Name: Tzafit CCPP, Israel
Client: Alstom Power Ltd. (Switzerland)
Scope: Control software development and testing of the steam injection installed in the GT26 U1 Alstom Gas Turbine for project Tzafit. (Advant)
Start / Duration:


December 2014 / 5 months

The ALSTOM Tzafit project in Israel consists of 2 single shaft KA26 units (Rating GT26 U1). As part of a performance improvement package, the power augmentation feature steam injection was offered to the customer. This feature provides additional power by the injection of steam into the GT path. It is particularly beneficial when used at high ambient temperature allowing the operator to recover from the power losses which come with increasing inlet temperature. This feature exists in Alstom GT24 units however Tzafit will be the first commercially operated Alstom GT26 unit with this feature.