GT Control SW – Al-Najaf Power Pant – Iraq (GT8C2, Alstom)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 @ 06:07 AM
Project Name: Al-Najaf, Iraq
Client: Alstom Power Ltd. (Switzerland)
Scope: Process control system engineering and simulator testing (Advant)
Start / Duration:


September 2009 / 10 months

The plant consist in a GT8C2, dual fuel, equipped with LoLA 5.5 lances. The particalarity of this project is that reference projects equipped with dual fuel and LoLa 5.5 fuel lances were not available in the fleet. In order to guarantee a high quality product by minimizing engineering time, decision was made to integrate the dual fuel logic from the Birr GT8C2 test engine into the last commissioned field project Petkim (fuel gas only, LoLa 5.5).  Due to the high complexity of the task, this project has been a challange for all involved parties.